Poisson distribution queues on Arduino


[I am thinking of automating a supermarket queuing mechanism by implementing a Poisson queue distribution which will be in synchronised with other queues.

For instance 5-10 persons per queue on 1 counter. At each counter, an LCD will display the time taken per customer based on that corresponding queue.]

I am searching help for writing the code.

Problem: I have a supermarket whereby the clients need to search and then select the shortest queue. Suppose there are 4 queues such that each queue contains around 5-10 persons. I am thinking of automating this search by implementing a queuing mechanism (for e.g. Poisson Distribution). The queuing mechanism can be then synchronized with other queues at each counter. An LCD (as a display mean) can be used to inform the clients which queue they should take.

So, I want to know if this is possible.

The coding's the least of your problem. How will you "log" a punter into and out of the queue?

And what does it even mean to automate a queuing mechanism?- some kind of gating system to shuffle the punters or what?

You won't get any meaningful help until you describe the system properly, or at least in part.

The fairest system is a single queue for all the checkouts. Next customer goes to the next available till. No maths needed.


Please describe the queue synchronization algorithm.

If you wish to have code written for you, post on the Gigs and Collaborations forum section, but be prepared to pay for the help.