Poll. Which are the safe frequencies?

And since there is no poll :roll_eyes: (for us mere mortals)

Going by the assumption, shorter the wave length the more energy intensive....

Anything under the visible range- eg all the radio waves, excluding microwave and certaily everything else like sunlight (skin cancer) and deem anything in the cm's to meters safe?

Agree or Disagree?

Safe frequencies for what?

Studies have attempted to 60Hz from power lines is dangerous

Wind turbines too, an even lower frequency

So more context is needed for your question.

Well most people don't stand under voltage lines...

So if it's not wavelength that makes it dangerous then what does? I don't see how something oscillating emitting rf can be made more dangerous by shifting the frequency, the universe has shown us darkness but in reality the sky is a light in the night, just the wavelengths have shifted down into the radiowaves due to the expansion of the universe we now see distant light waves on old CRT analog tv channels more so now due to the terrestrial analog signals shut off...

Well most people don’t stand under voltage lines…

Some people live, sleep, eat and work under them. If your home happens to be under a 400KV line, you have little choice.