Polly Phase Energy Measurement Board

X2Bus Energy Board

The MAX78630+PPM is an energy measurement processor for polyphase power-monitoring systems. It is designed for real-time monitoring for a variety of typical three-phase configurations in industrial applications. The MAX78630+PPM provides up to six analog inputs for interfacing to voltage and current sensors. Scaled voltages from the sensors are fed to the single converter front-end using a high-resolution delta-sigma converter. Supported current sensors include current transformers (CTs), Rogowski coils, and resistive shunts.

In this Arduino Library we can read all data of energy parameters.

Data Type Function Description
float Voltage(char phase); Read Voltage at selected phase
float Current(char phase); Read Current at selected phase
float ActivePower(char phase); Read Active Power at selected phase
float ReactivePower(char phase); Read Re Active Power at selected phase
float ApparentPower(char phase); Read Apparent Power at selected phase
float PowerFactor(char phase); Read Power Factor at selected phase
float Frequency(void); Read Frequency of system

X2Bus Energy Board is a shield for aduino? sound perfect for my application, where I can find it? thanks!!

Hi Aakoyun

Can you please suggest a suitable source for the sensors and foward any typical application configuration , if you can