Pololu Black Friday Sale (starting Thursday)

Hi all.

I'm writing to let you guys know that Pololu Robotics will be having a Black Friday sale this Thursday, November 25 through Monday. We will be celebrating the start to the holiday season by offering substantial discounts (up to 60% off) on some of our most popular products, including some of our AVR-based robot controllers, motor controllers, servo controllers, sensors, and more. Save big on parts for your next Arduino project!

Our Black Friday Sale page lists all of the products that will be on sale and explains the details of the event.

We will be offering the 3pi robot as a "door-buster": the first 50 customers to use our 3pi door-buster coupon will get our popular programmable robot for half-price. The 3pi is based on the ATmega328, which makes it compatible with many of the Arduino libraries and programmable from the Arduino IDE (using an ICSP).

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your holidays be full of joy and Arduinos!

  • Ben

The page says it starts on "Thursday, November 25" - what exact time, though? Can your servers handle it (I know it isn't like SparkFun's Free Day - but still...)?


[edit]Just saw the notice at the bottom - durr...[/edit]


Where are you seeing that? I looked all over Pololu, I am not seeing it.

Thanks - didn't realize there was a link there, just looks like regular text to me (screen settings? color blind?). Underlined links are much easier to pick out.

The page says it starts on “Thursday, November 25” - what exact time, though? Can your servers handle it (I know it isn’t like SparkFun’s Free Day - but still…)?

I know you already found the answer to your first question, but for the benefit of others, it starts at midnight PST (8 AM GMT) on Thursday morning. I really have no idea what kind of response to expect. Last year was the first time we held a Black Friday sale, and the decision to do it was made at the last minute (I think it was literally the day before the sale). This year we’re trying to publicize it a bit earlier, and we hope having even more products on sale makes it appeal to a wider audience. I think that the servers will be fine, especially with the sale starting so late in the US and lasting for five full days, but it will be a lot of fun to see what happens.

  • Ben

By the way, we're always interested in hearing feedback from customers and potential customers, so if you have any comments about the sale or even just our products in general, please let us know. For example, besides the obvious answer of "Arduinos", what non-sale products would you most like to see added to the sale list?

  • Ben

How about 2.1mm panel mount power jacks? For plugging wall-warts into to recharge batteries.

You mean these? Thanks for the feedback!

Just a reminder: the sale starts in a little more than ten hours, at midnight PST. The doorbuster 3pis might go fast, but the rest of the items will be on sale all weekend (through the end of Monday) and coupons can be applied to backorders if we run out of available stock. We make most of the sale products ourselves, so many backorders should be able to ship within a few days.

Also, I'm still interested in hearing any feedback you guys have.

  • Ben

No, that would be a PCB mount. I am looking for panel mount, to install on the sidewall of a chassis.