Pololu DRV8825 and disk drive stepper problems

I’m trying to control a dvd driver stepper motor using a DRV8825 driver but I just can’t get it work.
I use the program below to test but while it works perfectly with my DQ420MA driver, it stalls, hums and moves in very jerky way when using DRV8825. I have also tested the DRV8825 driver with a 200 pulse, 5 wire, hybrid motor from an old floppy drive and it works properly.

int dirPin = 3;
int stepPin = 12;
int enable = 11;

void setup() {
  pinMode(dirPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(stepPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(enable, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  digitalWrite(dirPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(enable, HIGH);
  while (1)
    digitalWrite(stepPin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(stepPin, LOW);

I have also test Robin2 simple stepper testing program and it still move very jerkily.
What could be wrong?

What is the technical difference between the DQ420MA driver and the DRV8825?

Can you post the code that works with the DQ420MA ?

Make a pencil drawing showing all the connections and post a photo of the drawing.


It's seems that I have found the problem. I had to limit the current to around 0,130V on the potensiometer. Now it's working. When I set it higher than that the motor stalls.