Pololu Micro Meastro 24-ch Servo Controller with Arduino Uno

I am new to Arduino and (More new to) micro maestro servo controller. I can’t use them together. I searched a lot in internet but couldn’t find information for the people who totally new to electronics.

I need a super-basic code and wiring example for controlling 1 servo motor with micro maestro 24 channel servo controller. I can do it with the software of Pololu with an USB connection. But i want to send commands from Arduino Uno without connecting servo controller to PC. I have the following items for that;

-Arduino Uno
-Pololu Micro Maestro 24-channel servo controller
-A micro servo
-9V power for servo controller (which i don’t know where to plug in)
-Jumper cables

Please explain what to do to turn the servo 90 degrees (and setting speed, acceleration etc.). Both wiring and coding.

Then i will place here the solution with pictures for the people who is stuck searching for information.

Thanks for reading.

After so many searches, i found my answer in the Pololu web site. This link shows exactly what i am looking for.

Here is the image of circuit with a A-Star 32U4 Prime LV (Arduino lookalike) and a 18 channel Micro Maestro Servo controller. I’ve connected a 9V output adapter instead of batteries.

And here comes the code example from the same page;

#include <PololuMaestro.h>

MiniMaestro maestro(Serial1);

void setup()
  // Set the serial port's baud rate.

void loop()
  /* setTarget takes the channel number you want to control, and
     the target position in units of 1/4 microseconds. A typical
     RC hobby servo responds to pulses between 1 ms (4000) and 2
     ms (8000). */

  // Set the target of channel 0 to 1500 us and channel 1 to 1750 us.
  maestro.setTarget(0, 6000);
  maestro.setTarget(1, 7000);

  // Wait 2 seconds.

  // Set the target of channel 0 to 1250 us and channel 1 to 2000 us.
  maestro.setTarget(0, 5000);
  maestro.setTarget(1, 8000);

  // Wait 2 seconds.

Thanks for reading.

Did you actually get one of those godforsaken pololu controllers to work with an Uno? Without using soft serial?