Pololu MinIMU-9 cannot initialize the gyro


I am connecting two Pololu MinIMU-9 v2 into an arduino uno. I also use one multiplexer (CD74HC4067) since there is conflict in address. The entire system is power with 3.3V battery.

I have run I2C scanner for both sensors,and it gives:

I2C Scanner Scanning... I2C device found at address 0x19 ! I2C device found at address 0x1E ! I2C device found at address 0x6B ! done

Thus,I am pretty sure that my configuration for the multiplexer is correct.

However,when I run the (common) code for MinIMU, i receive the following error: ("Failed to autodetect gyro type!");

Would you please suggesting the solution?

Post on the Pololu forum. The engineers are very helpful.