Pololu Zumo 32U4 robots and chromebooks

Hi, very new to this and need advice on what to do. We have bought a class set of Pololu Zumo 32U4 robots. This issue is the students who will be using the robots will be using Chromebooks and using the cloud for their programming. We are having issues with setting this up. We have been able to install the Zumo 32U4 library, but we are not able to set up the Board and then of course the port. We have been successful in setting everything up on our normal laptops and desktops, but the chromebook set up is just not working. What board should we be using???
Thanks for the help!!

Just a SWAG but try loading linux on the chromebook and see if that will solve the problem. The other option is go to where you purchased the laptops and have them resolve the problem or expect a bunch of them back. When doing projects that involve new hardware for a group you should always check it out first, it is much easier to avoid problem later as you can change things.

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