pong game issue plz help

hey i finally built this after waiting for ebay forever.
anyways it worked i played a game but its like it wont reset to start a new game? any suggestions. i did play a game then it just flashes. i tried reseting it with the arduino button also unplugging power and plugging back in. this worked to reset it once but it wont reset again. hoping its a real easy no brainer. thanks

This is a trolling, right?

no i seriously would like help. im losing my mind.

Well, you go first. And that doesn't mean posting a meaningless, crappy photo.

i am trying to build the one player pong. i have gotton it to work. played one game then it wont work. it lights up shows the paddle. then the whole.matrix flashes. then the paddle then the whole matrix.. sometimes all rows light up sumtimes 4 or 5 rows. its almost as if the game isnt restarting. can you help

what information do.you need me to.provide so i can be helped

Well think of all the things you haven't told us so far, and post that.

here is the code i am using
#include <LedControl.h>

//Project 22
#include “LedControl.h”
LedControl myMatrix = LedControl(2, 4, 3, 1); // create an instance of a Matrix
int column = 1, row = random(8)+1; // decide where the ball will start
int directionX = 1, directionY = 1; // make sure it heads from left to right first
int paddle1 = 5, paddle1Val; // Pot pin and value
int speed = 300;
int counter = 0, mult = 10;
void setup()
myMatrix.shutdown(0, false); // enable display
myMatrix.setIntensity(0, 8); // Set the brightness to medium
myMatrix.clearDisplay(0); // clear the display
void loop()
paddle1Val = analogRead(paddle1);
paddle1Val = map(paddle1Val, 200, 1024, 1,6);
column += directionX;
row += directionY;
if (column == 6 && directionX == 1 && (paddle1Val == row || paddle1Val+1 ==
row || paddle1Val+2 == row)) {directionX = -1;}
if (column == 0 && directionX == -1 ) {directionX = 1;}
if (row == 7 && directionY == 1 ) {directionY = -1;}
if (row == 0 && directionY == -1 ) {directionY = 1;}
if (column == 7) { oops();}
myMatrix.clearDisplay(0); // clear the screen for next animation frame
myMatrix.setLed(0, column, row, HIGH);
myMatrix.setLed(0, 7, paddle1Val, HIGH);
myMatrix.setLed(0, 7, paddle1Val+1, HIGH);
myMatrix.setLed(0, 7, paddle1Val+2, HIGH);
if (!(counter % mult)) {speed -= 5; mult * mult;}

void oops() {
for (int x=0; x<3; x++) {
for (int y=0; y<8; y++) {
myMatrix.setRow(0, y, 255);
counter=0; // reset all the values
row = random(8)+1; // choose a new starting location

i am using max 7219 dotmatrix module mcu led display

pot to analog 5
ground to ground
vcc to 5v
din to pin 2
cs to 3
clk to 4

Power supply? Schematic? Code tags?

power supply is battery and i dont have schematic. i jus wrote whats hooked where and what are code tags

power supply is battery
and i dont have schematic. i jus wrote whats hooked where and what are code tags

Car battery?
Button cell?

Code tags are explained in the sticky thread at the top of this and just about every other section of the forum.

hey sorry. i m really new to this im trying my best. Im sorry i dont know all the basics yet. Anyways i just pluged arduino into.laptop and the pong game works no problem. why does it have issues when i use the 9 v battery attachment for arduino. is this a normal issue

9 volt batteries are utterly useless for anything but smoke detectors

ok lol so for future projects how should i power arduino with laptop

You'd be better off with half a dozen AAs or possibly a 7.2V R/C stick

thank you for your help. i have another matrix can i combine the two to make a bigger pong? is it piggybacking and do i have to change code

Unless the code specifically permits the connection of more devices, no you can't. My guess is, it doesn't.