Pool Water Temperature

Hi everyone! I'm working on a simple pool controller to control my pool pump, but I would also like to monitor the water temperature (for freeze protection, etc...). I would like to use a sensor like this:

Pentair 520272 Air/Water/Solar Temperature Sensor

Would I be able to use this sensor and, if so, how I would go about writing code for it? I've done a few simple Arduino projects in the past, but have always had concrete examples to follow.

If anyone can help point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

goosta: Would I be able to use this sensor and, if so, how I would go about writing code for it?

Probably, provided there is some date available for it. You might consider using a DS18B20, for which there is plenty of data available, is commonly used with Arduino, and comes for about 1/4 the price.

Rather expensive blob of plastic around a $0.20 10k thermistor.

Enter "10k thermistor" in the search box on top of this page, or look here. http://playground.arduino.cc/ComponentLib/Thermistor2 Leo..

The DS18B20 is a great device, but it isn't waterproof! However I think you can get probes using it that are suitable. More accurate than a thermistor too, but thermistors are reasonable if you take care with the analog circuitry.

MarkT: The DS18B20 is a great device, but it isn't waterproof!

I have never used one that isn't, and it wouldn't take much to make it more seriously watertight if necessary, which it probably isn't. For all that, I think a thermistor would be adequate, as the range is small and no great accuracy is required.

Mount a thermistor on the end of an appropriate cable then dip it in heat conductive epoxy.

If you are talking an in ground pool, then my method probably will not work, but what I did for my hot tub was to stick a sensor against the outside of the acrylic tub with that pink insulation over it so it only saw the heat from the tub. Testing showed I was usually within 1/2 degree or so (just not a fast response time). That allowed me to not have anything actually in the tub (which would raise the concern of electricity and water/safety issues although all my stuff and the tub were well grounded). If there is any pump that runs all the time (or even part of the time since things don't change that fast with a pool), you could put the sensor on one of the pipes to the pump and wrap some insulation around it.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

I will look into using the DS18B20. The Pentair sensor would be nice since it is already built for this purpose, as I would just need to drill a hole in the PVC and strap the sensor on. However, since there is so much information on working with the DS18B20 sensor, it probably makes more sense for me to try that. There is a 1 1/2" threaded port available that was previously used for a return fountain in the pool. So I'm going to see if I can attach a waterproof DS18B20 sensor to a threaded cap/plug and see if that works.

That sounds like a thermowell . Maybe all you need is a blind hole in the cap for the sensor. If you have good access to the pipe, you may find taping the sensor to it just fine, as mikey suggests