Pooleuse Arduino Ball-Trap

Hello to all

I allow myself to come back to you today on this forum concerning a project that I wish to carry out with Arduino cards

Having already carried out other small projects without too much difficulty, I'm tackling a hell of a piece on which I can't really get out of it.

I want to create from scratch my own pooleuse for a clay pigeon shooting stand, however under Arduino I don't know how to manage the shooting table part with a random function which must arrive at a very fair total

Let me explain on the firing point we have 6 shooters with 5 firing positions, each shooter will have to pass 5 times on each position we shift one position at each shot, at the level of the machinery we have 5 machines with different trajectories, once the shooting sequence is over, each shooter must have shot a target from each machine at each position, for example shooter number 1 must have shot once the target of 5 machines is on position 3, etc.... Agreed to to complicate things this is the end result expected at the end of the shooting session however all trays should be thrown completely randomly when fired but keeping in mind that we have to keep the end result that each shooter on each position will have had to pull the trays from each of the machines

I am explaining this project to you today because I would really like to set up this machine which will make it possible to be able to acquire with microphones the start of the plateau, from the trigger with the way of the shooter, until the launching of the plateaus through the machines. while going through this famous shooting program which is both random and not random because we must arrive at a very precise result no more no less

A universal pit has 5 launching devices which are placed in an excavation equipped with a fixed or hinged roof.
The 5 devices are arranged in a straight line on sealed supports, rigorously aligned and perfectly level, they are numbered from left to right, from 1 to 5.
The 5 supports are placed in such a way that the 5 launchers being armed with a plate on the throwing arm of each of them,
An electronic “puller” system ensures the distribution between the shooters, which means that all the shooters will have shot exactly the same targets, but in a different order.


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