Poor quality NRF24L01 ?


I’ve done some radio stuff before with 433.92MHz and OOK etc.

Anyway I have some NRF24L01’s I bought 10 over time, the cheapest I could find and I assume this is my problem. I am using Arduino Nano and have good 3.3v supply. However, I can’t reliably get them to communicate with other using the RF24 getting started code. One is receiving okay but ACKs don’t work properly, intermittently it works fine.

Running on as a scanner shows the channel drifting around by a 2 or 3 channels. My thoughts are that the 16MHz Crystal is actually very poor as the spec state 60ppm which is quite tight. I’m not too bothered as they cost less than £1 each -though if someone has supplied some relatively good quality ones around that price point please let me know.

Looking the the radio status output they seem to be setting up okay and change between speeds and powers.


Link to the module? Datasheet? Circuit? Can't really give any input without knowing what your setup is.