Poor serial connection


I’m using a serial connection to my linux laptop for debugging issues. Therefore i connected the RX/TX/GND pins of the programmer port (I’m using ICSP port for flashing) to a USB-Serial adapter. The adapter uses a Prolific controller (pl2303). It basically works but the text is quite messed up, not usable. I’m using minicom with “9600 8N1” same as in Serial.open().

This is how my output in minicom looks like:
???M?j???Msg #2
sg #9
Msg #12
??Msg #13
??CMsg #14Y??Msg???

Im my programm I’m just sending fprintf( &uartout, “Send Msg #%d\r\n”, i ) ; where i is incremented every time.

Does anyone know what could be the problem?


Without having understood too much of your setup it looks like a classical overflow problem. What if you put in a delay between each send?