poor wifi performance

Have a quite simple script, which transmits data using wifi101 library.

  • Opens a socket,
  • sends prox 5000 Bytes
  • and ends connection.
    Time to transmit is 7.5sec to 9.1 sec (connection time excluded). Wifi signal strength is good.
    Transfer rate is about 650 Bytes per second.

Is it possible to get better throughput ?
When througput is that low, how can I find out when send buffer is full ?


Made some experiments: the source of trouble is the many client.print-statements.
When sending few, but large buffers e.g. client.write(buf, 600); then performance is increased to 135000 Bytes per sec; needs 24ms to transmit prox 3500Bytes.

Unfortunately, the send buffer size is limited, somewhere above 930 bytes the data content are no longer valid.