Poorman's oscilloscope problem

I'm trying to get this working http://accrochages.drone.ws/en/node/90, but all I get is a blank black screen @ the Processing side. I've checked that the Adruino is working and is transmitting values via serial..

Hi watson,

Are you sure you have selected the correct port in the Processing sketch. You can display the serial ports on your computer by adding this line in Processing setup:


the Processing code in that link you posted assumes the Arduino is on the first serial port.

You may need to change the number from [0] to the correct port in this line:
port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);

You can verify that the Processing sketch is reading the Arduino data by printing val to the console in the Processing sketch:

if (port.read() == 0xff) {
val = (port.read() << 8) | (port.read());

If you are sure the Arduino side is working ok and you need more help, you may want to ask in the Processing forum.

I used println(Serial.list()); to list the post and selected another port - and it works.


Has anyone twicked this to measure digital readings at a much higher rate?

Does the Arduino IDE indicate that you are connected to COM3?

You can check the Arduino IDE menu item under: Tools->Serial Port

mem, you're fast! I changed my previous post minutes after I posted it, and I didn't see your reply..

I use 38400 between Processing and my Arduino but I am sure it can go higher if you need it faster than that