this is a simple project I built with an Arduino Mega 2560. For the time being it does not do much more that avoiding obstacles but was very interesting to put together.

Have a look: http://www.funintec.com/content/meet-popolino

All feedback is welcome. I would appreciate if you could suggest other functionalities ...adding more HW etc. There is also a link in the page for the code.


cute. what's the behavior it's following when it encounters something?

for suggestions, what about finding a path to a specific spot in a room full of obstacles; Following a wall; or solving a simple maze.

There's a robot called makey with similar structure and some cute behaviours. It will follow a moving object for example.

Just a thought on coding for this kind of robot. Instead of a bunch of different routines for forward, backward and turns, consider using something like "drive(int l, int r)" l and r are pwm values for the left and right motors with positive and negative for forward and reverse.

Just a thought. I saw this in someones code and it simplified mine a lot.

Thank you Bill. This is exactly the sort of feedback I need.

With regards to your question, the only thing it is programed to do is: once it finds an obstacle it looks left and right. Measures the respective values generated by the Ir sensor and decides which way (left or right) is more clear of obstacles. Moves back during a certain time and turns either left or right, depending on the values read by the sensor.

What other sensors or actuators do you think could add more functionality or interactivity to this small platform?

....I was thinking about a buzzer so that it would make some sort of noise.....like a sonar :-) depending on what he reads from the sensor....

As always, your opinion is more than welcome.


what kind of sensor is it by the way?

It's a "Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F"