Popup about something being updated

After opening the website in my browser (firefox 70.0.1 64 bit, Windows 8 Enterprise), I was redirected to id.arduino.cc. Why?

Next there seems to be some popup occurring at random times about something being updated (possibly privacy policy) but it disappears before I can read it properly.

What is going on?

I see nothing.

I see nothing.

Me neither. Here's an image of the site banner on my PC.

No search box, no drop downs, no avatar. Yet I'm logged in. Restarted browser (IE11) no help.


Ya all cleared yas browser cache and all the good stuff ?

Cuz I see only what I am supposed to see...no adverts and nufin missing here...win 7 x64 pro and chrome or FF.


Ya all cleared yas browser cache and all the good stuff ?

Yes, cache cleared, browser restarted, no change. IE11, Win7pro. This happened a few months ago. I don’t remember what resolved it.

At least the site still works. I don’t miss the dropdowns but the search function is useful now and again.

If I could find a way to log out I’d try that but…

Hi Doug.

Check for any browser add ons and see if there are any blocked items.
I was getting some odd results in CREATE when testing this morning and it turned out they had added a new API that I was unaware of.

Allowing that fixed some issues.
Also the move to CLOUDFLARE did have some very very minor issues but AFAIK they were all sorted PDQ.

Ones to block though are :-



Will clear the cache tonight; seems to be on one machine only.

Seems I need to agree on the 'new' privacy policy but popup disappears too quickly.

Any idea about the redirection to id.arduino.cc?

Sorry Wim.

Have no idea what that is but it looks like it is pushing you to the SSO.
If you are already logged in it may then just bypass the SSO once you get there and redirect you to where you wanted.

If this thread gets any more traction I will certainly pass it along.



I see nothing like that in my add-ons. And, to my knowledge nothing has changed on this end.

Strangely, the first several threads I looked at this a.m. did not even have the reply, etc. boxes. I was
composing a pm to gpb01 referencing this thread and got a 'log in' screen upon starting the pm.
I did that and saw my profile + avatar. Logged in and the reply/ mark read, etc. boxes reappeared - but still no avatar. ??

Must be local to you Doug as your avatar shows fine here.

If you have scriptsafe or an add blocker those are two I mentioned are well worth adding to its list that's all.


I've had to agree to the new privacy policy five times in a row now.

OK just had the exact same issues here.
Suspect they rolled something out in stages which is why I did not see it.

Resolved it by using CCLEANER and WISE REGISTRY cleaner (free versions)

In my case the pop up stayed long enough for me to hit it ( four times in total).


Have pushed it up the hill too.
However if anyone wants to push it to github that may also be useful.


Well, drop downs, search box, avatar are back and I did nothing - that I know of.


Got word they have fixed some issues.

If you see anything else related drop it in here.