port arduino UNO(ATMega328p) for Android development

Hi all , I am using my own Arduino UNO(ATMega328p) for my android ADK development .

My doupt is USB_host_shield is mandatory(must) for interfacing Arduino UNO board with android device ? or

any specific libraries or programs sample are available to interface Arduino UNO directly into my android(4.0.3) device...?

Please help me.........

Thanks, Mahes.

Yes, you need a host shield.

Hi edison thanks forr your reply......

What is the standard USB host shield library to be included in the arduino-1.0.1 IDE for android ADK development

right now i have included the library from this link


Is this library is enough for my arduino UNO to make it compatible with android device or any other standard libs are required to be included in the IDE?

Please suggest about this..........

Thanks, Mahes.

You need the physical host shield to connect to the Android, not just the libraries.