Port busy possible solution for some

I just bought 2 Arduino a micro and a Leonardo both had the same issue at first I had to manually install my drivers with the browse my pc option but the issue persisted. I noticed if I sign out and back in to my pc I didn't get the port busy signal for a few minutes and I could do stuff but then it would stop working so I thought it had to be an app or program on my pc. I went to control panel and checked the startup tab for all the programs that launch with me signing in and went threw and stopped each manually it turned out to be NZXT CAM software. I think the software does hardware monitoring for temps and inputs for games and it saw the Arduino boards and was reading a usb was plugged in so it wanted to know what it was and it trying to register it causes the port busy signal. I hope this helps someone cause I spent like 3 day watching videos I even did the process explorer and it didn't register the app as using the port but I have verified it by opening and closing the app there may be other apps like lighting or hardware monitors that may cause the same issue.


Thanks, a great find and help to others!

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