Port D PIOD data acquisition to DMA of DUE

Hi, friend. i want to acquire a data of DUE's port D0 to D7 pins and want to store in DMA. i need to store around 10K samples of this 8 pins data. how do i do it?


What acquisition rate do you need? Are these 8 pins a single piece of data or are they really 8 separate variables? (I ask because of your other thread).

hi weird dave, its single byte data. but by joining each bit. right from D0 to D7. 8 channel LA m designing, with adjustble sample rate from 250k sample to 1 mega samples.

How will you synchronise the output of your 8 bits with reading the port pins? if your 8 bits change state at the same time you read them, the result is unpredictable. This can and does happen. What dictates the sample rate?