Port DuinOS to 2560

I want to port DuinOS to the 2560 and I want to be able to use it on my Mega ADK because I need an RTOS for my project. I fear that it is too difficult for me, nevertheless i am going to try.

So far i found this thread on AVR freaks but Im not sure what to do with this code or where to find the files he is talking about.

so.... I felt I needed a more robust programming environment for my arduino so I installed the AVR plugin into eclipse and im currently wading through this really long tutorial. I also downloaded and installed avr studio 5 today but IDK if thats going to help me or not, haven't yet had a chance to mess with it.

anyways... if anyone knows of someone who is running an RTOS on their mega adk or if they have any resources or instructions or helpful advice or you just want to call me a dumbass please post it below. Thanks!