Port field greyed - COM Port deactivated - Mega 2560 - Win 7

Hi there,

I cannot upload anything to the board. The "ports" field under tools is greyed and the windows device manager says that the device "Arduino Mega 2560 (COM4)" is deactivated. The error code is 22. When I try to "activate" the device, it actually activates for about a blink of an eye and then it is deactivated again.

AFAIK the driver is up-to-date and so is the IDE:

Driver: 04.01.2013 ver: IDE: 1.6.3

Using Windows 7. The board does work properly with other computers.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Please let me know if you need any further information.



@ admins: Please close this thread. (and delete it)

The problem has been solved. The cause was a security program on the computer, which has now been deactivated.

ceJay, can you tell the name of the security program? Others may benefit from your experience