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I hope someone can help me with this. I am new to Arduino. I can't connect to my Arduino Uno. "Port" is grayed out under the tools tab in the IDE, COM and LTP ports do not show up in the device manager, and the Arduino does not show up anywhere else in the device manager. I have tried a number solutions advised on the Arduino troubleshooting section, but none have worked. The operating system on my laptop is windows 7, 64 bit. Is anyone able to help?
Cheers, Alex.

That means that there is no COM port to connect to - meaning drivers not installed correctly, or board itself not working. It's weird to get nothing.

Do you get any reaction when you plug in the board? (new hardware sound, etc?) Any unknown devices or other yellow triangles in device manager?

Try using a different USB port, particularly if it's plugged into a USB 3.0 port (those often have compatibility problems with non-USB-3.0 devices).

If you're getting nothing from it at all, that's definitely a bad sign for the board. Is it known working? does it work on other computers?


There is a response when I plug in the arduino. I get the new hardware sound and the blue busy windows circle spins for a short time. "USB device" with a yellow triangle icon next to it then appears on the "other device" tab in device manager. Same response from the other USB port available on my laptop.

The arduino board works on another computer, so it is not the board.

Cheers, Alex.

When you open device manager - what happens when you plug in the USB cable with the Arduino attached?
You might see a new device popping up but the devie will have a yellow triangle icon which indicates that there is no suitable driver installed.

Do you have a clone Arduino? In a lot of cases these clones come with a CH340 USB/serial chip on board. If so you have to download the latest CH340g driver, install it and you will be fine.

If there is another USB/serial chip on board - just identify the chip, download the driver, install and you are set.

I know this post is old, but I had the same problem and it took me forever to fix.

What I did was:
Go to device manager and right-click the icon with the yellow triangle and hit “uninstall”.
Disconnect the Arduino from the USB-port and re-connect it afterwards.
Click the icon in the taskbar that pops up when Windows starts to re-install the driver for the Arduino.
Click the blue icon at the bottom of the window (it says something like “why can’t Windows configure this driver”).
Enter the menu and choose “Auto (recommended)” and press OK.

Windows then searches for a bit, and voila! Problem fixed

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I had the same problem but in my case, there was no connection sound when I inserted the USB, nor was there any detectable COM port in the Device Manager.
What ended up solving the problem is replacing the USB cable!
Even though this USB cable could supply voltage to my Arduino, it could not enable it to connect.
Hope this helps.

For anyone looking for these drivers, I found them here : CH340 Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux


@asrz900 Try the steps below:

Step 1:

Please try the steps below via the IDE:

· Tools > Board > Boards Manager

· Search for "Arduino AVR Boards"

· From the drop-down menu select latest version

· Click "Install/update"

· Wait for installation to finish

· Click "Close" and restart your IDE.

See https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Cores
Note: Use a data USB cable capable of some 480Mbps and do not use a USB hub.

Step 2: ( use this if step 1 above fails to solve the issue)

If the step above fails, put your board in bootloader mode by double tapping the rest button. While it is in this mode, upload an example sketch from the IDE, say BlinkLED into it, then tap the rest button once afterwards to exit the bootloader mode.

Now upload the same sample code normally to the board, if successful, your board can now be programed with your own code.

Note: do not use your own code when the board is in bootloader mode.

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