Port Is grayed out


I am on windows 7 and have been having problems with my ports starting about a month ago. My ports are grayed out and when I go to device manager I can not see any ports. I tried downloading the driver software using hdwwiz.exe and downloaded the basic communication port to use. When it was done downloading I have an exclamation mark next tot he port in the device manager and get both of these messages when I go to properties "Windows cannot determine the settings for this device. Consult the documentation that came with this device and use the Resource tab to set the configuration. (Code 34)"

and this under resources in the properties

"Input/Output Range 03F8 - 03FF used by: PCI bus Interrupt Request 0x00000004 (04) used by: ACPI x64-based PC".

I have no idea what is going on and if anyone can help I would appreciate it. I am uisng an arduinio fio and 2 xbees.

If you have the board connected (I guess a Uno?) and you have no device under port in device manager nor a exclamation mark then or, the USB cable is broken or, the Arduino (or at least the USB-serial part) is broken.

zsuter: I tried downloading the driver software using hdwwiz.exe

What's that? If there is no !, then there is nothing to install...

hdwwiz.exe is a command. I used it to get ports to show up under device manager because originally they were no longer their. I don't think it is a problem with the arduino because whenever I plug my computer recognizes something is being plugged in. I think I am having trouble with the ports on my computer because their is a ? by them and I don't know how to fix that.


Yeah, but what does it do? A port doesn't just disappear...

But if you get a device with a ? [u]only[/u] when you plug in the Arduino, try uninstalling that device completely (incl remove driver if you can select it) and install the drivers again. Which driver you need of course depends if it's a real or some clone.

It allowed me to download ports so it showed up on my device manager I believe. I found out about it here


and here


I will try that and let you know! Thanks for the help.