Port Not Available CH340G Chinese Copy Mac OS X El Capitan


I bough some Nano V3.0 ATmega328 16M Micro-controller CH340G Boards a few years ago and had them working fine (after installing a Chinese Driver).

I am now trying to upload some new code to one of the Nano's but the tty port is no longer visible in the Ports menu in the Arduino software.

I think that since I last used these boards I may have upgraded my Mac to OS X El Capitan (no 10.11.6) and after researching this it would appear that the original Driver no longer works.

I found a couple of pages that would help like this one and this one.

I have downloaded the driver mentioned but it still does not work. I also think I went through disabling kext driver signing before as when I run:

csrutil status

I get the message:

System Integrity Protection status: disabled.

In Arduino I have selected:

Board = Arduino Nano
Processor = ATmega328
Programmer = AVR ISP

I am using the cable that was supplied with the Nano (worked before).

No matter how many times I try to install the driver (the old one or the new one) the port is not available.

Any help getting these low cost board up an running again would be a great help.


How typical.

Just after posting this I had a search on the Internet again.

Found this page

And dowloaded the linked driver for El Capitan (CH34x_Install.zip (111Kb)) installed it and rebooted and hey presto the USB Serial Port is now visible!!!

The only thing I did differently is allow apps from any source in System Preferences. Not sure if this did the trick as this should just prevent having to click open anyway to allow apps from unknown sources!!

Anyway done.

Thanks for sharing this - I couldn't get the port to appear; tried all sorts. This sorted the issue straight away! Much appreciated.