Port Option gereyed Out

I have an issue up till yesterday my PC was detecting the Arduino boards I have with no issues at all, suddenly today it doesn't, they even don't show in the device manager and the PC doesn't make any sounds once the are connected, I installed all the drivers but yet it doesn't show any COM ports in the device manager. What is the solution to that?

Which Arduino boards are you using?

Adding to in0's reply

  1. Which Windows version?
  2. Was there a recent upgrade of either the OS or the Arduino software?
  3. Try temporarily disabling anti-virus software and see if it solves the issue.
  4. Did you use the same cable that was working before? There are charge-only cables, specifically when it comes to microUSB (and possibly miniUSB). So that would possibly depend on the board that you're using.

Also adding to previous replies

  • Disconnect any shields, modules, wiring, components
  • Does the the ON LED power on when connected via USB
  • What is the behaviour of the L-LED when pressing the reset button (differs depending on board)
  • When plugging the board does anything appear in "Unknown Devices" of the device manager

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