Port RV-1805 RTC library to RV-3028

I am in need of urgent assistance to create a RTC library for the RV-3028-C7 device from Micro Crystal Switzerland.
SparkFun have an excellent Library available for the RV-1805-C3 device from the same vendor.
The SparFun hardware is available here:

The library for the RV-1805-C3 is available here:

The register settings of the RV-1805 and the RV-3028 are very different.

Is it possible to "port" the SparkFun RV-1805 Library over to the RV-3028 device?

Any assistance in this will be remunerated.


It's possible but require some efforts and presence of RV-3028-C7. How soon do you need it? What functions are really required (to not "port" the whole RV-1805 lib)

Hello, Declan

Good, How are you?

I saw your post messages.
Recently, I completed the RV-3028 Arduino Library codes and tested successively.
If you need it still, please let me know.
I will help you successively with the completed library files.
I wait for your good reply.

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I am looking for RV-3028 Arduino Library.

Hi everyone,

Please take a look at my new GitHub repository:

Hope it helps you.