Port stuck on ttyS4 after installing NodeMcu drivers


I just installed NodeMcu drivers for Arduino IDE and i can't change the port selection.
Doesn't matter if i choose an Arduino board, can't change it, however it worked before installation. :o

Thank you for your help in advance!

What do you mean by "NodeMcu drivers"? Are you talking about the ESP8266 core for Arduino? Or are you talking about the device driver for the USB to TTL serial chip on the NodeMCU board? If the latter, then which driver?

What do you mean by "i can't change the port selection"? Do you mean that the Tools > Port menu option is grayed out? Do you mean that the Tools > Port menu only contains one port? Do you mean that the Tools > Port menu contains multiple ports but when you click on a different item in that menu it is not selected?

If you want to be successful getting assistance here, you really need to make a better effort to provide the information we need to help you. In the time I took to try to get that information out of you, I probably could have given you a solution but now you've missed that opportunity because I've already spent all the time I can spare to help you writing this.