Portable installation meaning of "main"-folder

I tried to follow this guide for a portable installation of the Arduino-IDE

This tutorial says
....You can copy the whole main folder and bring it with you anywhere you want: it will retain all your preferences, libraries, cores and sketches.

What is the exact meaning of "main folder" ??

based on the folder-structur given in the turorial what is the exact real name of
"main folder"?

Again based on the folder-structure given by the tutorial

It does not make sense to me to copy this folder

and the text does not clearly say what the target-folder is

So if somebody can explain this to me I would be very happy.

A tutorial that does eliminate all doubts and unclearness would

  1. describe a start-situation where all details of foldernames that are important are listed or shown as a screenshot

  2. describe step by step what additional folders must be created

  3. does name the real foldername instead of "main-folder" and names the target-folder you copy in the "main"-folder

best regards Stefan

The folder the Arduino IDE is installed under.


Why not?

I agree that "main folder" is too vague. It probably seemed obvious to the people who wrote the tutorial, but it is not at all obvious to those reading the tutorial so it is best to be very explicit in the writing.

Now you are doing it. What do you mean by "target-folder"

Hi in0,

thank you for answering.
As a word by word translation of the german "happy new Year"
it's not 0:00 am yet. "well slipping" (into the new year)

Ha! good catch! Yes, now I'm vague.
I will do some screenshots from windows-explorer that show all foldernames.

This will need some time....

maybe next year :wink:

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