Portable MIDI Synthesizer

I want a portable midi synthesizer I can take to school, and I'm looking to combine these two projects... sort of... MIDI Keyboard and Synth - YouTube
Arduino MIDI Controller: Part 1 - Potentiometers - YouTube
Arduino MIDI Controller: Part 2 - Buttons - YouTube
Arduino MIDI Controller: Part 3 - Multiplexers - YouTube
MIDI for the Arduino - Reading MIDI CC Messages - YouTube
You see my idea is to use 3 multiplexers (2 digital and one analog) to connect 32 buttons (25 keys, 7 control buttons) and around 4 potentiometers to an arduino, which will then send those MIDI signals to a Adafruit MusicMaker feather wing to translate into sound using its MIDI synth function. in the first video, I'm assuming the whole purpose of his "arduino" is to send some MIDI CC signals that change the voice of the MIDI synth (a.k.a he is using the arduino as a middle man add-on MIDI controller because the MIDI keyboard won't send the right CC MIDI commands to change the voice. But the question is, do I send the MIDI signals generated on the arduino directly to the MusicMaker feather wing? Also, would a built in sequencer/arpeggiator/looper be possible for the arduino? Post any questions you have, I know this is confusing. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!
Current controls decided on Digital:
25 keys (low C to hi C)
sustain toggle button
Voice up
Voice down
Octave up (if possible)
Octave down (if possible)
Arpeggiator/sequencer program button (if possible)
Arpeggiator/sequencer play button (if possible)
Arpeggiation rate (if possible)
Volume knob
(open to suggestions here)

Supported MIDI messages: • meta: 0x51 : set tempo
• other meta: MidiMeta() called
• device control: 0x01 : master volume
• channel message: 0x80 note off, 0x90 note on, 0xc0 program, 0xe0 pitch wheel
• channel message 0xb0: parameter
– 0x00: bank select (0 is default, 0x78 and 0x7f is drums, 0x79 melodic)
– 0x06: RPN MSB: 0 = bend range, 2 = coarse tune
– 0x07: channel volume
– 0x0a: pan control
– 0x0b: expression (changes volume)
– 0x0c: effect control 1 (sets global reverb decay)
– 0x26: RPN LSB: 0 = bend range
– 0x40: hold1
– 0x42: sustenuto
– 0x5b effects level (channel reverb level)
– 0x62,0x63,0x64,0x65: NRPN and RPN selects
– 0x78: all sound off
– 0x79: reset all controllers
– 0x7b, 0x7c, 0x7d: all notes of
Thats from the VS1053 (MusicMaker chip) datasheet. tese commands are in hexidecimal, which seems to be different than MIDI CC messages. how to I send these commands?