PortB statement substitution from PIC and basic language

The encoder uses two inputs. In my case two pins 54-55 (A0-A1)

How to translate this statement into Arduino to have a single byte contemporary status of the two pin ??
The result .... 0-1-2-3

byte enc_new
enc_new portb and % 00000011;

portb in this case are the two pins used on a PIC processor!

portb how they should be changed ??

Thank's on advance

const int InputPinForUnknownPurpose = A0;
const int InputPinForOtherPurpose = A1;
byte enc_new;
enc_new = digitalRead(InputPinForUnknownPurpose ) & digitalRead(InputPinForOtherPurpose )<<1;

Always name your input pins. Use the Arduino names when defining those names because those are the names printed on the Arduino board. There are many other ways of addressing pins, such as portB, but those ways are all obscure.

This code is a little obscure because it relies on digitalRead() returning 0 and 1, but the constants for LOW and HIGH are unlikely to change.

Note the use of the single “&” symbol denoting a bitwise-and.

On the DUE a port is 32 bits and it is very rare to see code that actually requires the port-wise read or write. The standard Arduino functions are much more portable and insignificantly slower for most purposes.

Many thanks for the solution and related information.
I understood everything and I thank you for telling me so clearly explained.