Portenta Breakout documentation error?

There is something that looks wrong somewhere inside the documantation.
I just started to work with the protenta breakout board and firstly I wanted to check connections
The Breakout connections PWM2 and PMW3 match respectively PC_7 and PG_7 that are respectively discribed as PWM3 and PWM 4 inside the Portenta documentation.
Am I somewhere wrong ?

Hi, I found a few things a bit off in the documentation. Mostly noted the PWM and the associated Digital pinout on the main portent headers. D0 is supposed to be PWM7, but according to the PCB layout and schematic it’s PWM6. The rest are of course also shifted in number.
For the breakout carrier board the documentation of the PWM pins and the analogue pins order is reversed comparing the silkscreen on the actual board (mine at least) and the documentation on the site.