Portenta Digital Pin and Port mappings to HAL

I've been experimenting with NeoPixels on the Portenta and have got it working on D0 with some help from Fast GPIO-Toggle with portenta H7 using HAL - #2 by an_dreh

To make this work with other pins, I need to be able to map my pins and ports. I can see some macros declared such as digitalPinToPort and digitalPinToPinName but don't quite see how those give me an int and a GPIO_TypeDef. Any tips on how to do this mapping? Thanks.


I am also working on the Portenta H7 and facing similar issue of Pin Map. I found this library on Github Arduino_PortentaBreakout/Arduino_PortentaBreakout.h at main · arduino-libraries/Arduino_PortentaBreakout · GitHub.
Hope it help you as well

Tien Loi

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