Portenta: Getting the Full Sampling rate with the onboard ADC


I am very new to the Portenta and am having trouble getting the full potential out of the onboard ADC. I am trying to read the output of an image sensor running at 200KHZ, so I need the analog read of the portenta to be quicker than 5us. The quickest I can get it to be is roughly 32us per reading and am hoping somebody might have some sample code for how to get a faster reading? I am not interested in it being extremely accurate either, so 1 sample per reading is plenty for me.

Any help is appreciated!

I have been trying to get it to work by talking to the registers directly, but it doesnt yet work. I dont even know if the ADC_handler is called ADC_handler on the portenta. It would be nice if someone could shed some light on how to operate the ADC using the registers. Anyone?

Same problem here. With analogueRead, I roughly get 20kHz sampling rate. It's an expensive board with no "Arduino"-style-usability

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