Portenta H7 ADC Working Code missing from Pro Tutorials

I'm repeating a simple question posed on this forum with no working code replies: How do you actually get the advertised MHz ADC sampling rate off the Portenta H7 board?

The Portenta board is in the Pro category of hardware, so I would have expected some ADC working code in the Pro Tutorials. It is like buying a Ferrari with an advertised speed of 300 km/h but only getting a pedal that gives you 1.8 km/h!

Does anyone have some working code, or tips on alternative boards that would work with the STM32Cube IDE, for which there seems to be some working code posted?

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hi ardulfino, I see that your publication was not taken into account, I also have the same problem and I am looking for solutions, I wonder if you managed to move forward with this problem in any way, I would appreciate any advice you have found, thank you

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Hi javirdzh, yes, this thread has been very quiet.

To me, it looks like the problem is that not all the necessary HAL libraries for the STM32H7 chip are ported to the Arduino platform yet. Furthermore, I read somewhere that the USB connector on the portenta uses the HS USB, which is not supported by the STM32 bootloader within the STM32Cube ecosystem, making it difficult to connect to the Portenta in other ways than the Arduino platform. I am not sure if that is correct, but it might explain why I didn't get anywhere with the STM32CubeProgrammer on the portenta although it should, in theory, support the STM32H7 chips and high speed ADC.

I had some limited success trying to port the code from this tutorial, using the STM32CubeProgrammer to generate code for the STM32H747XI:
but I haven't got the higher sampling rates going.

Porting the code in this way is too time-consuming for me, not having a lot of experience. While waiting for the portenta to get access to all the necessary STM32H7 HAL ADC libraries, I have ordered a Nucleo-144 board with a comparable H7 chip to at least be able to test the ADC abiities and settings without the connectivity and micropython abilities of the portenta.

Good luck and please keep us posted on any progress!


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