Portenta H7 and the $52 USD AMG8831 8x8 Thermal Array

So I got the 8x8 Thermal Array working on the Portenta H7 blurb about it here code in the github above the blurb or just use this link my14_8x8_thermal_Array.ino

Basically it blinks when the average temperature in degrees Celsius changes, until it gets stable again, typically 3 blinks. Then if the temperature is above a set amount (I used 39 degrees around when a fever is detected) It blinks for about 20 seconds. Also if connected to a computer serial monitor it gives average array amount and highest temperature. Lots of possibilities. Not sure how stable the readings are or the calibration. It would be best to be able to change the calibration without re-compiling.

Hello Jeremy,

Wow - great job! Looks interesting.

Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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John W.