Portenta H7 Bluetooth BLE Tutorial Help


I'm trying to get started with the Portenta H7. I've already gone through the Setup and WiFi Access Point tutorials, and I'm trying to get the BLE tutorial working but running into some issues (https://docs.arduino.cc/tutorials/portenta-h7/por-ard-ble). I want to eventually be able to send some data from the Arduino to my phone, hence the bluetooth tutorial.

When I get to Step 4 in the tutorial, I get the "Starting BLE failed!" message when the code attempts BLE.begin(). I've done what the instructions say and updated the Arduino BLE library as well as the Board in the board manager, and also tried re-installing everything but I'm still getting the same issue.

I am using what I think are the most up-to-date versions:

  • Arduino IDE version 1.8.15
  • Arduino Mbed OS Portenta Boards version 2.3.1
  • ArduinoBLE version 1.2.1

I've also updated the boot loader after reading the forum post here Portenta BLE - #8 by snugglekittens

Magic Number (validation): a0
Bootloader version: 22
Clock source: External oscillator
USB Speed: USB 2.0/Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)
Has Ethernet: Yes
Has WiFi module: Yes
RAM size: 8 MB
QSPI size: 16 MB
Has Video output: Yes
Has Crypto chip: Yes

The latest version of the bootloader is already installed (v22).
Do you want to update the bootloader anyway? Y/[n]

Does anyone have any other things I could try, or if I am missing something?
Thank you for the help.

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