Portenta H7 Camera pins

Hi there,

I'd like to use the Portenta with a camera sensor. The default pinout exposes an 8-bit parallel interface (along with the clock, hsync and vsync signals) on the J2 connector. However the STM32H747xI/G datasheet (which I think should correspond to the controller on the Portenta) indicates that the controller supports up to 14 bits on the parallel interface. I need 12 for my purposes - has anyone had success interfacing a 12-bit parallel camera with the Portenta? I'm working my way through the datasheets at the moment and it looks like the additional pins are exposed via J1 and J2, so that's encouraging.

A second question - the datasheet for the Portenta Breakout Board indicates that the camera pins are also for what looks like a 4-lane CSI connection. However to my knowledge the Portenta controller does not support CSI (as in MIPI CSI-2). Does anyone know what the deal is - is it just optimistic labelling or is there some extra functionality for MIPI CSI-2 that I am not aware of?



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