Portenta H7 - Expansion Port


I want to use the PORTENTA H7 and need also the Ethernet and the SD card.
According to your documentation it used only through 'expansion port only'.
What does it mean ?
Do i need another board ?

thank you,

There are two 80 pin high density connectors on the bottom of the Portenta H7:

There is a "Portenta Carrier" that the Portenta H7 connects to via these connectors. The Portenta Carrier has Ethernet and SD on board.

You also have the option of adding Ethernet and SD capabilities to the Portenta by connecting a common Ethernet controller or SD module to the Portenta, just as you would any other Arduino board. Since I don't own a Portenta, I can't be certain, but I'm reasonably confident you can plug a MKR Eth Shield or MKR Mem Shield right in to the Portenta.

The Portenta's STM32H747XI microcontroller does have built-in SD and Ethernet peripherals, which may well be accessible only via the high density connectors. Use of these peripherals would likely provide provide improved performance compared to the use of modules or shields attached to the SPI bus.