Portenta H7 Mbed

Hey all! I've just recently purchased a Portenta H7 for some prototyping at home with the intent of learning Mbed OS. I'm interested in leveraging various Mbed peripheral API's at the moment for initial testing (UART, CAN, I2C, and SPI) and have found very sparse information related to pinouts on these peripherals (as they related to Mbed).

Is there anyone out there programming these peripherals through the use of the Mbed API's and, if so, can you please point me to a resource related to pinouts. To better clarify through an example, say I'm interested in performing a simple SPI "loopback" through the Mbed API...

#include "mbed.h"

using namespace mbed; 

SPI spi(PC_3, PC_2, PI_1);

How can I determine which of the necessary pins to reference from the publicly available Portenta pinout? TL; DR What I'm interested in is a resource to reconcile the Portenta pinout with Mbed API support.

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Hi @Agrimak. You can find a pinout diagram for the Portenta H7 on the "Documentation" tab of its product page:
That shows the pin mapping.

I am trying to make a Community Portenta library. Here is the mbed stuff so far. https://github.com/hpssjellis/portenta-pro-community-solutions/tree/main/examples/d-portenta-breakout-board/a-mbed

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