Portenta H7 + MKR CAN shield not working

I'm currently working with a Portenta H7 and a MKR CAN shield. I'm using the 107-Arduino-MCP2515 library to receive the CAN frame coming from another Arduino (Leonardo). I'm checking the CAN frame with an oscilloscope and everything seems to be fine from the sender side. On the other hand, once the Portenta starts receiving the CAN frame it enters in what I'm assuming is an error mode (the built-in RGB LED starts blinking red). Any idea why this is happening?
Thank you in advance!

I too have a project with CANBus and I am curious about your efforts to get the MKR CAN Shield working with the Portenta.

I received a Portenta Carrier board yesterday and it looks great. There are 2 CAN channels broken out on th edge of the board.

The MKR CAN Shield uses an SPI interface (MCP2515) to the CAN Transceiver (TJA1049T/3) so as long as the SPI connections and CS are made between the Portenta and the MKR CAN Shield - it should work with the Arduino CAN Libraries.

The Portenta Carrier board has 2 x CAN channels broken out - these are CanTX and CanRx pins. To use these you will need to add something like a MCP2562 Transceiver chip and other components required for CAN Bus communications.

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