Portenta H7 Passing RPC variable while using BLE


I'm trying use pass a variable using RPC from a wireless sensor. The variable is received on the M7 core then using RPC I created a global variable that is updated with the sensor value on the M4 core. I was able to do this successfully but the M4 side times out or stops updating after 5-15 minutes. I also switched it so the M4 core is receiving the sensor value via BLE and M7 core global variable is updated via RPC.

When it times out and stops updating the BLE is still working because I use a blue led to show connection. Also the led blinks red while blinking BLE blue when it times out (that's how I think the BLE connection is still going). I don't know what the red led blinking means and no current documentation specify it as an error signal. I know something maybe wrong but would like to know if anyone has attempted this successfully.

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