Portenta H7 vision shield unable to capture color Image

Recently I bough Arduino Portenta H7 but I am disappointed to see that I am only getting a monochrome image while using OpenMV IDE.
And I have no source to confirm its color or black and white camera.


Here it says " Color Filter Array** Monochrome and Bayer"
According to my understanding Monochrome is gray scale image(which I call black and white). and Bayer is RGB color image.

My question is what is this color filter array and is there any why to enable color imaging on this shield. if possible will the resolution of the camera further reduces when I use this Bayer or the RGB.

Sorry if I am asking a foolish question I have least experience working in this Embedded field.

is it possible for me to capture color image/perform color image processing like color detection?

The camera on the vision shield is black and white. This is hidden away on page 7 of the shield datasheet.

3.2 Camera module
The Himax HM-01B0 Module is a very low power camera with 324x324 resolution and a maximum of 60FPS depending on the operating mode. Video data is transferred over a configurable 8-bit interconnect with support for frame and line synchronisation. The module delivered with the Vision Shield is the monochrome version. Configuration is achieved via a I2C connection with the Portenta H7.

HM-01B0 offers very low power image acquisition and provides the possibility to perform motion detection without main processor interaction. “Always-on” operation provides the ability to turn on the main processor when movement is detected with minimal power consumption.


Color Filter Array Monochrome and Bayer

Means the filters you can use to effect the monochrome image.

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