Portenta Pin Header Spacing

I'm having some issues with the Arduino Portenta H7. I'm making a footprint using their 2.54mm 14-pin headers, but I can't find documentation on exact measurements about how far apart the connectors are from each other.

Using their interactive board viewer is giving me really strange results. Looking at their PCB view, I get different measurements. Taking the object-to-object measurements of the last pin, I get 18.8 mm between the headers. Taking the point-to-point measurements of the same set of pins, I get 20.32 mm between the pins. Taking a look at the datasheet at pages 17 and 18, assuming that the distance of 2.57 mm from the board edge to the center of the header is the same on both sides, I got a distance of 20.26 mm (that's 25.4-2.57-2.57).

All of these inaccuracies are really annoying me. I also found this Grabcad 3D Model that someone posted online, but the pin distances don't seem to match up with the model (which I'm taking with a grain of salt). I was wondering if anyone has any accurate measurements of the Portenta H7 14-pin headers? Can anyone help me with this?

These headers are in the standard MKR form factor, so if you find measurements for any of the MKR boards or shields that will be applicable to the Portenta H7 as well. You will likely be able to find more resources if you don't restrict your research to the Portenta H7 specifically.

Eagle design files are provided for the MKR products on the "Documentation" tab of their Arduino Store product pages. You might find that CAD format easier to consume. Maybe this one will be a good basic reference design:

Anyway, they are on a standard 0.1" grid

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Thank you for your reply. Looking at some of the MKR boards, such as the proto-shield, the Mem-Shield, and the WAN-Shield, the 14-pin 0.1" headers seem to be in roughly the same spots (give or take a 0.2 mm difference based on measurements from different boards). Keeping a rough distance of 20.32 mm (0.8") between the headers, the 3D model I mentioned wasn't exactly aligned, but it was close enough by around 0.2 mm.

I have to ask though, while the Portenta datasheet was a bit unclear about the distance between the headers, is the distance between the headers and the four mounting holes at each corner accurate with the datasheet? Given a distance of 66.04 mm, there's a distance of 38.57 mm between the center of the header and the top edge of the board. With the header holes being 2.03 mm away from the board edge, that places the header 36.54 mm away from one hole and 25.44 mm away from the other hole. The MKR boards seem to be different sizes, so it's hard to find one that has the exact same dimensions as the Portenta, so I was wondering if the mounting hole dimensions and placements when compared to the headers are correct?

From a quick visual check (so not at all certain), it looks like the two mounting holes on the USB socket end of the Portenta are at the same location as on all the MKR boards. However, the holes at the other end of the board are not in the standard MKR board location. Perhaps there simply was not a possibility to fit them in that position on this densely populated board.

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