Porting AtMel studio project from ATmega32U4 to ATmega328P ?

The hackaday project below was written for The Pro Micro, and am wondering how difficult it might be to alter it to run on an Arduino Uno. I'm new to AtmelStudio.

I was able to edit the .cproj file and then change the device to the ATmega328P, but when I try to run it I see some USB errors. Is this something that might just need a few more tweaks or am I way off base?


Error	1	#error USB_DEVICE_ONLY is not available for the currently selected microcontroller model.	C:\Users\Nate\Documents\Atmel Studio\6.2\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\src\LUFA\LUFA\Drivers\USB\Core\USBMode.h	260	7	LOWLEVEL_CDC1

Error	2	#error The currently selected device, USB mode or architecture is not supported.	C:\Users\Nate\Documents\Atmel Studio\6.2\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\src\LUFA\LUFA\Drivers\USB\Core\USBMode.h	271	6	LOWLEVEL_CDC1

Error	3	expected identifier before '}' token	C:\Users\Nate\Documents\Atmel Studio\6.2\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\src\LUFA\LUFA\Drivers\USB\Core\AVR8\USBInterrupt_AVR8.h	84	4	LOWLEVEL_CDC1

Error	4	#error No PLL prescale value available for chosen F_USB value and AVR model.	C:\Users\Nate\Documents\Atmel Studio\6.2\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\LOWLEVEL_CDC1\src\LUFA\LUFA\Drivers\USB\Core\AVR8\USBController_AVR8.h	114	5	LOWLEVEL_CDC1

am I way off base?

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