Porting Teensy code to Arduino - what should I look for?

I'd like to use this guy's IMU code, as it's written for the same IMU breakout that I have, but it's written for a Teensy 2.0, whereas I have an Arduino Micro, and it obviously won't compile.

I know I'd be looking for pin differences, ways that pins are addressed, ways that I2C is started, different labels for data types (things like unsigned vs uint16, etc), what other things should I be looking for?

Teensy 2 and Arduino Micro ought to be really close - they use the same AVR chip. I'm surprised that it doesn't compile, and you should certainly be in the range of analyzing individual errors rather than looking for overall strategies.
(Teensy 3 would be different. THEY use a whole different CPU.)

Don't know about the 2, but so far everything I've tried from my Arduino library's run on teensy 3.2 without a hitch. Just swap the "compile to" thing in the IDE and away you go. Its like an Alien technology upgrade from Arduino.

-jim lee

You could try TeeOnArdu: GitHub - adafruit/TeeOnArdu

You don't need to follow the manual installation instructions, you can install it using the boards manager after adding this to
Preferences > Additional Boards Manager URLs


it obviously won't compile

Which isn't a useful piece of information. Cut and paste some or all of the error messages here (in code tags) so that we can actually see what you're up against rather than us having to guess.