Ports for esp8266 and esp32 don't appear on Big Sur

I just installed the Arduino IDE 2 beta 4 this afternoon on Big Sur, and when I tried to use it with my ESP32 board, no ports appeared on the drop down. Tried it with an Arduino Uno, and it detected fine. Tried also with a Wemos D1 mini, and no ports were appearing either.

Checked the /dev folder, and no ports were appearing there when I installed either the ESP32 or D1 mini. Opening the old IDE, and it no longer functioned as well for the ESP32 or D1 mini.

Tried installing the CH341SER driver (1.5) and the Silabs CP210x drivers (6.0.1/1), no use.

Did the installation of the Arduino IDE 2 break the drivers of the ESP boards?

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