Ports menu is not getting enabled in IDE

As described in the attachment Ports menu is not getting enabled in IDE. Probable root cause is that in Device Manager the driver is not getting installed correctly but I am not able to resolve the driver issue. Appreciate any solution/suggestion from experts.

Port-Error.pdf (421 KB)

Post a link to where you bought your Arduino from or tell us which USB-serial chip it has so we know which driver you need.

I'm having the same problem. When I check out the device manager I see it as FT231X USB UART. When I try the manual driver update, there is no arduino.inf file in the file repository. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the IDE but that's a no go. what gives?

@ Boogers

Have you tried going directly to the "drivers" folder in the IDE installation folder and running the driver install from there ?
Select the correct x86 for x86 installed OS or the amd64 for a full X64 installed OS

Try www.ftdichip.com and download FT231 driver, vs the FT232 that the IDE may provide.

I think your on to something Mr.Crossroads. I reckon for my case the D2XX mode is the way to go? Its more like a switch than a hub, i.e, requiring less elbow grease?