Posible? hpi nitro fuel car into arduino based RC electric Car

i im new here

i was wondering if i replace the nitro engine for an electric one and control it with arduino by an game console controller or something.
leave your opinion Thanks!





start with something simple first.



You're talking about replacing the drive train, and replacing the control system. These are two separate jobs that aren't particularly related. (You can control a nitro engine electronically using a servo, just as easily an an electric engine).

Changing the engine and transmission would be very difficult to do well, and if you were in a position to do it well I don't think you'd be here asking whether it's possible. Far more practical to start with an electric car in the first place. If you want to replace a conventional RC system with one controlled via an Arduino, I suggest you have a search for robot forums; there are lots of people doing this sort of thing who can advise you.


the fuel engine is dead thats why i ask for opinions

blckrbbt: thanks

the fuel engine is dead thats why i ask for opinions

What do you mean by "dead"? It's an engine - unless it is well and truly fubar'd (busted block, for instance), it may be cheaper to rebuild it (heck, I would certainly look into rebuilding it; if you do decide to go ahead with a conversion, and you live in the US - want to send me the "dead" engine? I'll pay shipping!).


you can rebuild the nitro motor.

Since the throttle is controlled by servo, and steering is controlled by servo, you can very much so control the nitro RC with arduino, using the amarino toolkit (provided you have an android phone)