position location

I want to make a platform that will be turned left & right, with a deck with piano hinge on one end that will tilt up & down from flat to straight up.
Can I use these parts

to tell how much the platform is turned & elevated with 1 degree control?

I see a bunch of examples here, guess I should get a couple and do some playing.

Goal is to read GPS data, compass heading, and point to calculated position indepedent of weather conditions.

The Bourns EN series spec sheet says that there are various models available from 25 to 256 cycles per revolution. So even with the highest-resolution model, it isn't quite 1 degree resolution.

The resolution can be improved just by how you detect and process/count the quadrature outputs.

A 256 cycles (often called steps) per rev can be doubled to 512 steps/rev by interrupting on change (both edge transitions) of channel A or doubled again to 1024 steps/rev by interrupting on change of both A and B channels. So resolution of the encoder in not a problem. The mechanical attachment to the hinge pivot maybe a challenge however.


I can probably get by with not quite 1 degree resolution. GM's expanding approach looks straight forward to implement also.
So the idea is I would have some other marker or something that would yield a known starting point, and then start tracking degrees of movement from there?

I think if I split the piano hinge edge and mounted the encoder in line with the hinge pin, that might be a way to go.